Digital Photography 2015

Ian Ehlers – 2015

Estabrook Woods — June 16, 2015

Estabrook Woods

Estabrook Woods is a well known forest in Concord that holds many surprises. With incredibly diverse trails, farms, and meadows, this area is saturated with a variety of wildlife. While many of these shots came out well, many potential others did not because of the characteristically tentative and guarded nature of wild animals. For example, the shots of the deer in a meadow were taken from a fairly large distance. As I tried to get closer, the mother and its fawn ran to the other side of the clearing and out of view into the dense woods. Later on, as I walked back down a trail the two were stood stalk still staring directly at me and after a few seconds once again leapt into the forest. For the rest of this gallery, I tried to spontaneously attain a close up perspective on various insects and flowers.