For this assignment, I was in Fairbanks, Alaska. Outside of the city, the rural environment quickly takes over and houses are spaced many miles apart. The majority of the photographs taken for this assignment were on a dogsledding trail that mushers use as a sort of practice or conditioning ground for their dogs in preparation for big races such as the Copper Basin 300. We were lucky to see the Northern Lights while on the trail, which appeared like smoky trails in the sky. Overall, the experience was fairly spontaneous and I feel that the photographs reflect this with many different subjects combined to add to the story.

When photographing the dogs in this environment, it required a lot of patience and many shots as they were extremely athletic, active, and not willing to remain still for a camera. I was not happy with many of the resulting pictures because multiple appeared either very blurry or washed out due to the half light of dusk in which many of the photographs were taken. I learned that photographers need to react to the moment at hand quickly in order to capture what they desire. In addition, I was taught some of the patience necessary for a good shot.